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Warm Up To Words: Creative Writing Workshop:


Enjoy learning the building blocks of writing while stretching your imagination. Did you ever think that food can increase your creativity, or science projects can help your story plot, or first aid kits can breathe life into your characters? Well they can and this workshop will show you how! Learn and explore the art of creative writing through various out-of-the-box exercises and techniques. Participants will also get to either work on a piece that is currently being written or create new pieces of work during the workshop.  So, who exactly should take this workshop? Hmm...poets, fiction/non fiction writers, memoir writers, journal writers, and those who love to just jot down their thoughts in a notebook under their bed.  In a nutshell--if you enjoy putting pen to paper and seeing what creative words come from it, and if you don?t mind lots fun and a few laughs, then this workshop is for you.

Please contact the Bain Center for more information and registration at 410-313-7213.

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