Winter Youth BB - C Division West

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PLEASE READ:Every effort will be made to try and get all the teams as evenlymatched as possible. The evaluation is comprised of height,weight, dribbling, shooting, passing, and speed skills. Listedbelow is the player evaluations schedule hosted at the ParkwayCommunity Center, 373 Park Way. Every childmust attend the player evaluations. NO PLAYEREVALUATIONS WILL BE PERFORMED FOR THE WESTERNLEAGUE AFTER OCTOBER 27. NO EXCEPTIONS! If yourchild cannot make the time or date, please contact Frank Carson,Recreation Supervisor at (619) 691-5140 or If an alternate date cannot be agreed upon or if a player fails to be evaluated on or before October 27, they WILL NOT be placed on a team and there will be NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS!Player Evaluations DivisionSat, October 27 - 8:00 am - "D" Division - Born 2005 - 2006Sat, October 27 - 9:30 am - "C" Division - Born 2003 - 2004Sat, October 27 - 11:30 pm - "B" Division - Born 2001 - 2002Sat, October 27 - 1:30 pm - "A" Division - Born 1999 - 2000Evaluations are MANDATORY for ALL players, even if theyhave played in the league for several seasons, NOEXCEPTIONS! Your child's coach will contact you sometimeduring the weeks of November 7 - November 12. Player evaluationswill NOT begin for each division until all coaching spotshave been filled. This means we will not evaluate playersuntil all the coaches that are necessary are accounted for onevaluation day to perform the team draft thereafter. Ideally thecoaches for each division will do team drafts, with City personnelassisting, immediately following the player evaluations.Volunteer coaches are still needed. Please inquire at the ParkwayCommunity Center Office at (619) 691-5083.Requests for children to be placed on the same team for carpool reasons and requests for specific coaches and practicedays cannot be honored. Practices will start the week ofNovember 12 and there is a strong possibility that all practices will take place outdoors. The first game is scheduled forSaturday, December 1st. Every team will have one game onSaturdays. There will be no games on Saturday,December 22-January 5.Parents or guardians of all participants are STRONGLYencouraged to attend one of the four parent trainings.If a parent or any other fan is ejected from a game due to unsportsmanlike behavior and they have not attendeda training, they will not be permitted to attend any moregames for the remainder of the season!PARENT TRAINING DATES:See handout at player evaluations.If you have any problems or concerns, please feel free to call orvisit Frank Carson at his office at the Parkway Community, 373 Park Way. The phone number is:(619) 691-5083.

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