Leaping Lizards(School Age Gymnastics)-December

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Basic through intermediate gymnastics skills, coordination, agility, and balance are the main components of this class.  Also expect increased self-esteem, confidence building and working through fears.  An emphasis of developing strong and flexible bodies will be through repetitions of chin ups, rope climbs, splits, standing bridges, handstands and cartwheels.  Students in this class will spend time perfecting their basic skills while learning safe progressions into more intermediate skills.  All students will grow at their individual pace with encouragement and positive reinforcement.   

Children should wear comfortable clothing, bare feet, no jewelry and long hair should be pulled back. 

Classes will be held at Virginia Techniques Gymnastics-

1550 Roanoke Street Suite C, Christiansburg, VA

(540) 381-5151    www.vatechniques.com

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