Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation Marathon Team 2012

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Join Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation Bank of America Chicago Marathon Team 2012! This is our 3rd year running and have raised over $20,000 for local children in need of medical assistance.

TIPS:1. Start early with your fundraising efforts. 2. Don't be afraid to ask. 3. Become knowledgeable of the Cornerstone Foundation's history. 4. Seek out multiple levels of support. Facebook friends is a great place to start, but there's a much bigger world out there. You may find additional support among neighborhood businesses.5. Post milestone updates on your fundraising page as you progress through your training ("I reached 10 mi today with a time of 2 hours" for example) Some of my donors really appreciated it.6. Always thank your donors personally. Social media is a great tool for public recognition in addition to your fundraising page. This will pay dividends for future fundraising efforts, too.

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