Aquatic Edge Faster Freestyle Clinic with Karlyn Pipes in Charlotte, NC

About This Activity

The benefits to taking an Aquatic Edge clinic are many:
? Learn the techniques used by top triathletes and Olympians
? The teaching methods used are simple and easy to understand
? After just one clinic you will swim faster with LESS effort
? Training tips and recovery suggestions will also be provided

About Karlyn

Karlyn LOVES teaching triathletes and swimmers how to swim FASTER with less EFFORT! She lives in Kona, HI and is known world-wide for being an accomplished swimmer having set 200+ masters world records set to date. However, she is equally as talented as an instructor and uses her high energy to deliver a fun and fast paced clinic. The drills and technique karlyn uses are simple and make sense. you "get it". For great articles and FREE videos on technique by Karlyn, visit

Karlyn?s DVD Pre order Go Swim Freestyle or All-Strokes DVD at a cost of $30 DVD's will also be available at the clinic for $40Space is limited so register now!


Special group rate of $75 or $105 if you pre-order Karlyn's $10!

Additional Date Information
12:00-3:30 PM

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