Juniors 10-12

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We are not shooting turkeys at this competition, but join us anyway for a friendly target-shooting showdown. The competitor with the overall highest score for each age category will have caught Thanksgiving dinner, as they will take home their own frozen turkey! GOBBLE, GOBBLE! This friendly tournament will follow National Archery in the Schools tournament rules and regulations and requires the use of an unmodified Genesis Bow and unmodified Easton 1820 arrow. Archery equipment will be available during the tournament for competitor use. T-shirts will be guaranteed for participants who register prior to November 7. Participants ages 10-15 must be accompanied by an adult chaperone. There will be male and female categories for this age range. Each competitor will shoot 15 arrows from both 10 and 15 yards. Five arrows from each distance will be a warm up and the following 10 arrows will be scored.

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