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For years now, we hear that chiropractors are intimidated to approach physicians. They either don't know how, or think that physicians will refuse to refer to chiropractors. This is far from the truth. Physicians simply do not interact with many chiropractors.

There is a proper way to meet, cultivate, and befriend physicians. To do this, you must meet their needs. Our program shows you exactly how to do this. Succeeding at securing the trust and referrals of your local physicians is something that has not been addressed by the chiropractic profession in the past 100 years! Isn't it about time?Everything you need is included in THIS presentation. � Learn the tools and knowledge to start implementing! �Discover he most effective way to meet physicians. �Understand how to effectively communicate with MDs. �See how to maintain MD relationships and maximize referrals. �Receive higher quality patients that complete their care.� No longer need to �close� the skeptical patient. � This is not a service you will pay monthly for - everything will be given to you. �Gain the piece of mind self perpetuating New Patients gives you.

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