Class: Patti &Terri $25 Punch Pass December 2012

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Your Drop In Fee will allow you access to one (1) of the following classes offered by Terri & Patti.
-GET PUMPED- Mon 5:45am / Tue 12:05pm / Fri 5:45am - Terri Snyder A high repetition strength class designed to sculpt, tone & strengthen the entire body. Spending 3-6 minutes per body part with great music & a fun atmosphere, the student will learn proper strength & core techniques while burning 300-600 calories.
-PHIT- Mon 12:05pm - Terri Snyder Personalized High Intensity Training. A -result orientated- cross training workout involving all aspects of fitness: strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance and core stability. The class will focus on one or more of these three aspects & will be different in every class. The perfect cross training workout to push the student to the next level of fitness.
-POWER YOGA- Wed 12:05 - Patti Briggs This yoga class is intense & powerful. Various yoga poses will be linked together with powerful athletic moves & held for several breaths. It will challenge your stamina, balance & strength. Great music makes this class energetic & fun!
-MUSCLE BOOTCAMP- Mon 4:00pm - Patti Briggs A strength & core class designed to compliment the cardio bootcamp classes! Get ready to sculpt & tone those muscles! Your strength will improve and you will have -FUN- doing it!
-FLOW YOGA- Tue/Thur 10:30am - Patti Briggs This class combines yoga -asanas- together in a flowing pattern. The poses will be breath initiated. Increased flexibility, improved balance & strength will be the benefits of this class. This class is a great way to relieve stress, anxiety & tension while focusing on a better quality of life.
-CARDIO BOOTCAMP- Tue/Thur 4:00pm - Patti Briggs This class is an all cardio class packed with a heart pumping activity. It will provide a high caloric burn & a ton of fun. Lots of options give the student great ways to modify.
-CROSS PUMP- Thur 12:05pm - Terri Snyder All the benefits of -get pumped- with added cross training. Look for added core, cardio or both for a fun, fit-filled class. Be ready for ANYTHING.

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