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Ducklings/Dolphins  (3-6 years old)
These preschool programs are normally a child's first experience in the water without parents.  Children are grouped  by ability level and are taught personal safety skills, underwater skills, independent swimming skills, and floating skills.  Our caring and supportive instructors will help build the confidence and strength of each swimmer while enabling them to grow independently in the water.
Ducklings 1:  This class is for the beginner swimmer that cannot swim independently with a flotation device, or is wearing a 3 cell bubble belt.  Ideal for the child who has not been in a lesson setting, the child will be better acclimated to the water and will focus on basic water and safety skills.  Prerequisite - age 3 by start of class.  Skills taught: water adjustment & paddle stroke.

Ducklings 2: prerequisite - swim length of pool with 2 bubbles horizontally and be comfortable putting his/her face under water.  Skills taught: water adjustment & paddle stroke.

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