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Develop Confidence through Competence Learn Realistic, simple, robust, self protection Strategies, Tactics & Techniques. This is a Self Protection course that introduces confrontational management tools and tactics, awareness, fear management, etc. and is suitable for all. The course covers: THEORY: ?Fear Management ?Confrontation Psychology ?Performance Enhancement Concepts ?Be Your Own Bodyguard? ?Theory of Intimidation ?Understanding the 3 Fights - You vs You; You vs Aggressor; You vs Legal System ?Knowing the Bad Guy ?Personal Routine Analysis PHYSICAL SKILLS & DRILLS: ?Using basic Physiology to help convert the Startle-Flinch Reflex ?Analysis of Common Street Attacks ?Use of Non-Violent Postures ?Developing basic striking Tools - Tools; Targets; Tactics ?Manage threats with Detect; Defuse; Defend principals COST: $100.00 per person PRE-LOAD MATERIALS: In order to help better prepare yourself for the upcoming training, we suggest immersing yourself in Coach Blauer's (the founder of the S.P.E.A.R. System?) most current videos and articles online. INTRO PSYCHOLOGY This one is great, Kelly Starrett talking about the importance of personal safety training as a life skill: FUNDAMENTALS RATIONALE STRATEGY PARADIGMS STRATEGY To stay updated on course dates, and on all the latest developments with the PDR program, please join our Facebook Group and review the other resources listed below. Also our website has various information: Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me Look forward to sharing some life-changing research and information with you, to help you and your family be safe and feel safe.

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