Swim School Levels 1,2 - Nov12 TTR 7:00PM

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Bryant Aquatic Center Swim School is designed for providing proper swimming foundation for swimmers ages up to 17. Our unique 6 - Level swim program teaches the latest proven technique and drill work, starts and turns for all strokes of competitive swimming. Summer league swimmers usually start with level 2 or 3, while beginners start with level 1. Completion of our program will also help you to start your competitive swimming adventure with local swim teams like Bryant Barracudas and Central Arkansas Swim Club - Racers.

Swim School Level 1 is our beginner level. Swimmers learn the basics of breathing pattern, buoyancy and kicking motion for freestyle and backstroke.

Swim School Level 2 requires a completion of Level 1 or an approval from the Aquatics Coordinator. In this level, swimmers learn freestyle and backstroke progression drills in order to build the correct technique.

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