Nada Yoga & Indian Music Workshop

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A hidden treasure in the great path of yoga is a special practice known as ?Nada Yoga,? the yoga of sound.  Nada yoga uses sound, music, voice, breath and rhythm as a vehicle to meditation and purification of the nadis (subtle and vast web of energy channels and nerve passageway?s in the body).

Indian classical music and its ancient tradition of Ragas (sacred scales) is a classical mode for practicing Nada Yoga.  While meditating on the tones in different ragas amazing transformations can happen. 

In this workshop we will focus specifically on how to use raga to practice nada yoga in a way that requires no musical background, yet is important for maestros too.  We will resonate our bodies with tones, singing sustained tones for exploration of their vibrational quality, or just listening.  Discover the archetypal rasas (moods) inherent in each raga, and how they are associated with the rich system of Rasa Lela.  Tone, and then relax, as the sound of the live bansuri flute envelopes us in raga.

Bio: Eric Fraser's music therapy sessions ring with an array of influences and textures.  Drawing from both his rich knowledge of Indian classical music and a down home approach, Eric intermingles with pop, rap, blues, and world music to capture imaginations and spark music making in participants from many backgrounds and age brackets.  Eric recently returned from a trip to India as a Fulbright senior research scholar for music therapy and Indian music.  He received his MA in music therapy from NYU.

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