JackRabbit Triathlon Skills Swim Program, Bklyn

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If you're looking for a swim program that will comprehensively cover the varied skills necessary to prepare you for a successful triathlon swim, this is your class. Join us for this 10-week program where you will meet and swim with like-minded athletes as we prepare ourselves for a great 2014 triathlon season.


10 weeks

We've developed the program to address the numerous challenges you’ll face and have you come away confident that you can handle most any open water situation. Conditions could be calm: smooth water, a clean line to every buoy, you feel strong, and your goggles are as clear as the finish line. Or they could be rough and competitive: choppy water, windy, a jam-packed wave start, your stomach’s off, dark skies from cloud cover, and you’d like to exit close to the front, but the leaders are pulling away. Preparation is the key to success. Jump in!

Some opf the strenghts you'll develop in this class:
- Fitness to go our hard and maintain a steady pace to the finish, even in difficult conditions.
- Technique to sight as often (and as high) as you need to and not tire from it.
- A trong 2-beat kick.
- Core strength so your stroke doesn't break down under pressure.
- Several key sets you can use to test and build your fitness.

This class is for intermediate to advanced swimmers who are comfortable swimming longer swim sets. Anyone who has taken Swim II or III is encouraged to sign up. This course takes the place of Swim III and any lap swimmers will be much stronger in the pool as a result of this program.BR>
Fee: $210

Coach: John Stewart

Dates: January 16th thru April 10th with NO class Feb 6 or March 20 & 27.

Questions to programs@jackrabbitsports.com or call Doug at 212-727-2980



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8:30pm - 9:30pm

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