JackRabbit Swim Level I - Efficient Technique, Bklyn AM

About This Activity

In this program we break the stroke down and rebuild it element by element to help you achieve the most efficient and powerful stroke possible. In addition to stroke efficiency we're also working toward your over-all comfort in the water. This is important as success in the water comes from a combination of physical technique and mental relaxation.

We will also provide you with one or two weekly workouts to do in between our class meetings to help you build on what you've learned in class and maintain your comfort in the water. For triathletes, we will also practice mass starts, sighting, and other triathlon specific skills. At the end of this class you'll feel much more comfortable in the water, much more in control of your swimming, and much, much faster.

Folks considering this class MUST already be able to swim 2 lengths of a 25 yard pool without rest in some semblance of the freestyle/crawl stroke.

Fee: $210

Coach: John Stewart

Dates: Jan 9th thru April 10th with NO class Feb 6th, March 20th or March 27th.

Questions: programs@jackrabbitsports.com or call Doug at 212-727-2980 x 229

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