JackRabbit Swim Level III - Endurance & Speed, Bklyn

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You've already realized how important good form is for swimming, and you've developed the strength and endurance to maintain your form for long continuous swims. But while you're comfortable in the water, you wish you could be faster. The purpose of this course is to help you develop speed without sacrificing the efficiency of good form. Swim III picks up after Swim II by helping you push the limits of your endurance, so you'll develop the ability to cover the same distance in less time.


10 weeks

Each week head coach John Stewart will create a different workout that is designed to help push you in different ways, from raw sprinting speed and power to maintaining pace over multiple intervals or even descending intervals. For triathletes, we will also practice drafting and sprinting and other tri specific skills. In addition, John will provide workouts for you to do during the week to improve your endurance inbetween classes. At the end of this class you'll be a faster swimmer, and if you're a triathlete you'll be in better shape for the bike and the run afterwards.

Fee: $225

Coach: John Stewart

Dates: April 25th thru June 27th BR>
Questions to programs@jackrabbitsports.com or call Doug at 212-727-2980

Additional Date Information
8:30pm - 9:30pm

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