Frosty Cross County Ski Class and Race - Kids

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Want your child to learn how to cross-country ski and then participate in an actual race? SELCRA is once again joining the 4th Annual REI Frosty Freestyle Cross-Country Ski Race at Huron Meadows for the 2nd Annual SELCRA Kid?s Frosty Race presented by The Green Oak Village Place Mall for kids ages 5 to 12! Over 150 skiers participated in last year?s event. Three (3) classes will be held prior to the race to teach children the basic techniques of cross-country skiing including turning, stopping, how to fall and get up, and proper skiing technique. After the three (3) classes they will put their new skills to the test in our Kids Frosty Race! New to this year are adult classes. Instaed of the kids having all of the fun, parents can have fun and learn how to cross-county ski too!

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