5th-7th Grade Boys Soccer League

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For boys in 5th-6th & 7th Grade-Spring 2013. Recreational soccer leagues are designed for participants to learn the rules, how to play the game, strategies and team play. Helps to develop the fundamentals of dribbling, shooting, positioning and goaltending.   Team Rosters: Players will be placed randomly by a computer generated program based on grades & then birthdates. The only requests that can be made are carpooling where both parents make the same request. No coach requests. Practices: Scheduled to begin the week of March 18th. Games: Teams will play 8 games, all on Saturdays unless weeknights are needed. Game times are dependent on the number of teams in each league, most games are morning and early afternoon. Scores and standings are not kept and trophies are not distributed for these leagues. Games will begin April 13th and run through May 18th. Uniforms: Can be purchased at the SELCRA Office, all players must have a current Blue & Green Uniform. Cost is $30.00 Cash & Check Only. Deadline: Friday, March 6th

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