Swim Lessons Preschool Level 2- Sat Session 3

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Preschool Level 2:  Comfortably submerges head and jumps into deeper water. Skills include floating and kicking on back and front without assistance, and arm and leg coordination.  Beginning to swim. 


In order to move from Preschool Level 2 to Learn-to-Swim instruction swimmers must be able to:

-Glide on front for at least 2 body lengths

-Roll to back and float for 5 seconds-Recover to a vertical position

-Swim using combined arm and leg actions on front for three body lengths.

-Roll to back, float for 5 seconds, roll to front then continue to swim for 3 body lengths.

It is quite common for children to participate in several sessions of Preschool Level 2 Swim Lessons before they are able to successfully demonstrate all the skills necessary to move to Learn-to-Swim. That's expected and normal!


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