Swim-Precompetitive 2013 - Swim-Precomp April 22-July13 PC 2

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Swimmers have progressed from the lesson phase of our program and are now ready to learn to be more proficient in all four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly). Swimmers will be introduced in more detail to butterfly and will improve their stamina on the other three strokes. This will assist them in their overall improvement in stroke technique. This is the final stage of our lesson program and the next step toward becoming a part of our championship Blue Wave swim team.  4:00 p.m. time slot is for Pre Comp 1. Placement evaluations - Each new swimmer needs to be evaluated for placement in the group that is best for his/her skill level.  Evaluations are done Mon-Thu at 7, with Coach Justin, Steve or Amy.  Check with the swim office to arrange evaluation.   

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