2012 SDRC Masters Swim Meet

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USMS Sanction: 342-S006

Seeding: All events will be timed finals with heats seeded by time, slowest to fastest. Genders will swim together (mixed).Please note: Participants may only swim 1 event on Friday evening, and 5 events on Saturday.Records: Swimmers attempting to set records during the meet should notify the Starter to assure that three official timers will be present.Heats: Heat sheets will be posted around the deck. Swimmers who miss their heats may not swim in another heat unless successfully protested to the Meet Director and Referee. Swimmers without seed times may be placed in the slowest (earliest) heats.Same Day Deck Entries: EXCEPT FOR RELAYS, NO SAME DAY DECK ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED! Guess Your Time: Event #4, 50 Freestyle: Thanks to our sponsor Poco Loco the male and female swimmer closest to their seed time wins a swim suit.For those who choose to include 2013 USMS Membership with registration and are curious about the price breakdown for that additional membership fee: USMS 2013 membership: $33Utah masters 2013: $15Club fees vary by $5 (ie SALT - $1, UTAH - $5, SLOW - $5, UNAT - $0)Total: $48-$53But to avoid complex different price structures, we charge a flat $50 independent of which CLUB you affiliate with. If this matters to you, visit USMS.org yourself and register online yourself and come back here and register with the USMS Swimmer option and just pay the $25 for the meet. All swimmers who opt to have us register you with USMS for 2013 will have their new USMS cards given to them at check-in for the meet.

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