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Lydiard Levels I & II - Theory and Application August 16 - 18, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013 @ 5:00 PM (MDT)
Newton School of Running 1300 Walnut Street BoulderCO  80302
Friday, August 16, 2013 @ 5:00 PM (MDT)
Newton School of Running 1300 Walnut Street BoulderCO  80302

About This Activity

Lydiard Theory and Application Levels I & II provide knowledge to assist runners, coaches and trainers with the essential principals to build and implement running fitness and training programs.

Saturday Course Overview

The Five Essential Lydiard Principles Overview of the Training Pyramid, The Adaptation Curve Response, Regulated Training, Essential Recovery Indicators, Overcoming Over­-training, Starting off on the Right Foot, VO2 Max explained, Aerobic Conditioning, Nuts and Bolts: Strides, Fartlek, The Out and Back Run, Progress Calibration Run, Hill Training

Sunday Course Overview

Macro-cycles; Planning considerations, Training Modulation Designing long­-term plans, Nuts and Bolts: Interval Training, Speed work, Coordination Phase, Balancing aerobic & anaerobic Taper, Tweaking and Peaking, Race Week/Non Race-week, Racing and Pacing, Race Recovery Factors, Special Considerations: Altitude, Heat, Cross­-training, Weights, Ergogenic Aids, Crash Training & more, The Art of Adapting Lydiard Training - Making the training a servant of the runner.

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Add the Newton Running Coach Certification for only $150 more. Newton Running™ coaching certification provides knowledge to assist with efficient running form, mobility assessment, strength training and injury prevention. Program fee includes instruction, Newton Running shoes, text book and apparel package. This is an interactive course and includes lectures, clinics and other practical sessions.

This program is delivered by the Lydiard Foundation. Foundation members receive a $50 discount off this course.


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Newton School of Running 1300 Walnut Street BoulderCO  80302
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