Beginner/Intermediate Karate - Thursdays at 4:45pm

About This Activity

Class description:

This class will bring together students learning at a beginner and intermediate level to further the knowledge of karate. The class will help students to understand the importance of respecting the dojo, listening and raising hands during class will help them to continue learning with caution. Some students will begin earning stripes and different colored belts at this level. Learning about setting goals and how to reach them is the first step.

What is expected:

Some students will begin learning how to tie their obi (belt) while others will already understand the proper way to wear their dogi (uniform). Students can learn from each other how to fold, keep track of their equipment and treat their classmates and instructor with respect. Don't pressure them into practicing; if they want it they will get it! However, they may need a word of encouragement from time to time and a reminder about responsibility.

*There will be NO class on December 27, January 3 and February 21.*

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