Ms. Fix It-Basic Electrical-Session 1

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You will learn how to take down an old light fixture and replace it with a new one in simple wiring, each student will hands-on replace a light switch and an electrical outlet in a demo wall, and we?ll rewire a lamp.

We will install a new ceiling fan and discuss the probable cause of one making noise.  Safety will be shown and discussed in how a ceiling fan is actually mounted sometimes making it a possible safety hazard if not done correctly when our home was built.

Caulking is another major task that you will learn to do and actually practice.  Whether it be caulk in your shower, around the bathtub, along your kitchen counters, around your window sills, along crown molding, or along your baseboards, you can DO IT YOURSELF and save money by not having to pay a repairman, wait for your husband, and also save valuable energy resources involving cooling and heating your home.  Caulk is the way painters finish a wall professionally.

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