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Recommended Ages: Parents
This workshop equips parents of all ages to add structure and celebration to their family?s home life.  Focus is placed on enhancing the family?s traditions and celebrations as well as strengthening daily routines to create more family time.  Parents will leave with tools for engaging family members over the dinner table, on family vacations, and even in the grocery check-out!  
Some areas we will focus on include:
?    Planning for, and engaging in family meals.
?    Developing a positive routine for school mornings and evenings.
?    Engaging family members in daily outings/chores.
?    Planning and Enjoying family vacations.
?    Strengthening your marriage/relationship within the family.
?    Enhancing birthday traditions.
?    Celebrating holidays together, building traditions.
?    Mediating conflict about religion or enhancing spiritual traditions.
?    Celebrating rites of passage: learning to drive, graduation, weddings, etc.


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