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Topics of Discussion:
? Why has my child?s work ethic changed? How do I motivate him/her?
? What should I do if my child is anxious or ambivalent about school?
? What should my role be at my child?s school? 
? How do I get my child to do his/her homework? Study?
? What can I do to get my child in a routine where he/she is independent?

The Good Fight series is designed to help parents navigate some of the most common areas of conflict with their tweens and teens (ages 10-19).    The series focuses on the roles of technology, social media (facebook, instagram, twitter), friends, dating relationships, academics, and body image in tween/teen life.  The goal of the series is to equip parents with strategies and skills to approach potential conflict situations.  Parents will be given up-to-the-minute research on each topic by LMFTA, Kayleigh Woolard.  The workshop will incorporate new information, parent round-table discussions, and skill building in areas of conflict management. 


The Good Fight-Academic Motivation & Perfectionism #313


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