Boca 5K 10K & Fitness Challenge

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The 34th running of the Boca 5K10K and Little People Races will be on Sunday December 29th, 2013 in Spanish River Park in Boca Raton, FL. Visit our race website [ ]for additional details and registration can be found on

We've added a Fitness Challenge & 5K Fitness Challenge to the event to benefit; The Boca Raton Firefighter & Paramedic Benevolent Fund, medals to all finishers in the Fitness Challenge only.Due to limitations with City owned property, the Fitness Challenge will be limited to exercises that involve physical exercises where you?ll need physical stamina and/or endurance to complete. The challenge is being designed to be able to be completed by just about anyone, who is willing to step up to the challenge. The park & beach will supply us with natural elements to test you as you proceed through the course. No electronics, headphones, phones, will be allowed on the course, you need to be able to hear verbal directions at each station. Watches & Garmin like devices that are waterproof and shock resistant can be worn at your own risk. Jewelry including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and any other jewelry should not be worn.The Event is an inherently dangerous activity that presents obstacles, including, but not limited to, physical exercises, road running, trail running, water running, sand running, lifting, crawling, jumping, twisting, squatting, and/or uneven terrain. EXPECT to encounter Sand, Water, Soft Sand and Sea Water who will be your competitors for the event.Participants should bring a towel and dry clothes for after the race. The weather in December can be cold and wet clothes after the race are not recommended. Remember this race is meant to be a Fun Fundraiser for the Boca Raton Firefighter and Paramedic Benevolent Fund. Expect the firefighters to throw in a few challenges of their own along the course?.consider yourself warned!

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