Volleyball - Riverside - 5 & 6 Grade

About This Activity

The Youth Volleyball Program is designed to teach the basic skills, sportsmanship and techniques involved in the game of volleyball.  The purpose of the program is for the participants to have fun, get exercise and develop skills.  Children of all abilities are encouraged to participate.  Emphasis will be placed on equal participation and skill development.  Win/loss records are not kept and the program will conclude with a jamboree.

Participants must play at the school they attend.  An information sheet will be available when you register your child at our office, online or at www.bisparks.org.

The first week of practice will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday per school availability.  Times will vary depending on school.  Some schools will require later practice times due to after school programming. 

After the second week of practice, teams will be formed and the participant will receive a practice schedule from his/her coach.  Practice will be held no more than two times a week.  Matches will begin Saturday, February 23. 

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