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RACE TO SUNSET: Endurance Mountain Bike Festival is designed to bring together mountainbikers from near and far for some good ol North Dakota fun!!! As the state s only endurancemountain bike event, Race to Sunset seeks to introduce new mountain bikers to endurancesports through a supportive, upbeat atmosphere, while concurrently attracting some of thebest fat-tire athletes in the U.S.

Now in its ninth year, Race to Sunset will be organized around two days of riding/racingopportunities. Activities on Friday (5:30 p.m.) will roll out with a Hot Lap competition,where participants can test their time trail abilities on 3.2 miles of awesome single-track.Following the Hot Lap , there will be a Slow Race (8:15 p.m.), that allows thetrack-standing specialists to strut their stuff by being the last to cross the finish line withoutputting a foot down. The keystone event (for which the festival is named), will occurSaturday, where solo and team riders will complete as many laps as possible over 5 or 10hours. New in 2013! 2 NEW Team Divisions!! 2-Person Team: Each cyclist rides for 5 hours; and 4-Person Team: Each cyclist rides for 2.5 hours.All festival events will be held at Sleepy Hollow Exchange Club Park in Bismarck, ND.

Registration for the 10 hour race will be $35/per person, while registration for the 5 hour race will be $30/per person(regardless of team or solo rider status). Registration will include entry into the endurancerace/ride on Saturday, as well as the Hot Lap and Slow Race competitions Friday evening(the latter being optional, if desired). Participants will have the opportunity to purchase additional meal tickets for family and/or friends.

The endurance race/ride for both Expert and Sport Category riders will begin with a LeMansstart, where one member from each team (or solo rider) lines up at the starting line. At therace start, participants will run to their bikes (about 50 yards from the starting line) and thenproceed onto the single-track course.

At the completion of each lap, riders will pass through a 'lap chute' to have their race numberand lap time recorded via an electronic chip. Riders participating on a team will pass the chip to another rider in a transition zone just past the lap chute. Each team decides theorder and frequency of laps for riders on their team.

Order of placement at the end of the race is determined by the number of laps, then time.Therefore, a team with more laps, regardless of time, wins. If teams have the same numberof laps, then the team that took less time wins.

Teams must have a rider out 30 minutes before the end of the race; failure to do so results ina DNF for the team. Therefore, teams that have a rider complete a lap 30 minutes before theend of the race must send another rider out. At any time within 30 minutes of the end of therace, teams may choose to send another rider out and continue, or officially finish the race. Ifanother rider is sent out within 30 minutes of the end of the race, that rider must finish theirlap within 30 minutes or that lap does not count towards the teams' total number of laps.

Riders interested in testing their time trial abilities are encouraged to participate in the HotLap competition Friday evening. Each rider will have one shot to record their fastest time onthe 3.2 mile course. Riders will start and finish near the staging area for the endurance race,and will head out on the course spaced in one minute intervals.

The Slow Race is slated to be a real balancing act , where riders will race as slowly aspossible toward the finish line. This will be a group race, and will be staged between thepicnic shelter and big tent on the paved road. Each rider must maintain forward momentumthroughout the race. A foot placed down to avoid a fall equates to disqualification. The lastrider to roll through the finish line is the winner.

Who should you contact if you have questions?
Questions may be directed to Nathan Kupfer, 701-471-3988, or email: nathank@frontierprecision.com.

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