Big Sky State Games


Start: Friday, July 19, 2013

Big Sky State Games, PO Box 7136
Billings , MT 59103

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Location: Big Sky State Games, Division: BG(18-8)sd,FIC; XJ(18-8)d,FIC; E(8)s,FIC; E(8)d,FIC, Notes: The Big Sky State Games is an annual multi-sport event, modeled after the Olympic Games. The Big Sky State Games are open to people of all ages and abilities. Residents of states that border the Montana and do not have a State Games are allowed to participate in the Big Sky State Games (Idaho, South Dakota, Wyoming). You can also register at
All check ins done at Pioneer Park

USTA - Boys' 18 Singles, Boys' 16 Singles, Boys' 14 Singles, Boys' 12 Singles, Boys' 10 Singles, Boys' 8 Singles, Girls' 18 Singles, Girls' 16 Singles, Girls' 14 Singles, Girls' 12 Singles, Girls' 10 Singles, Girls' 8 Singles, Boys' 18 Doubles, Boys' 16 Doubles, Boys' 14 Doubles, Boys' 12 Doubles, Boys' 10 Doubles, Boys' 8 Doubles, Girls' 18 Doubles, Girls' 16 Doubles, Girls' 14 Doubles, Girls' 12 Doubles, Girls' 10 Doubles, Girls' 8 Doubles, Mixed 18 Doubles, Mixed 16 Doubles, Mixed 14 Doubles, Mixed 12 Doubles, Mixed 10 Doubles, Mixed 8 Doubles, Co-ed 8 Singles, Co-ed 8 Doubles

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