BNJTL | Nov 3-28

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Practice sessions are 1-hr stroke development and .5-hr rally and match play. Juniors have fun and make new friends while learning how to play the game of tennis. Ratio: 6 to 1 student teacher. Beginner player: program provides red balls, 19? 21? and 23? racket, and 36-ft mini nets. Juniors learn tennis vocabulary, the racket, and the tennis court. Practice sessions focus on introducing the forehand, backhand, volley, underhand serve, eye-hand coordination drills. Juniors learn how to rally and play 4-pt games. Juniors are encouraged to play in USTA Play Days and 10 and Under Tournaments throughout the year. Intermediate player: program provides orange and green balls for practice sessions and 21? and 23? rackets. Juniors progress to play on 60- and 78-ft courts. Juniors learn how the score, how develop a point from the serve, to the forehand and backhand, to the fore-hand and back-hand volleys, and closing out the point. Juniors practice singles and doubles match play. Juniors are encouraged to play in non-sanctioned 10 and Under Open/Novice tournaments and progress to sanctioned USTA Novice and Challenger tournaments. Footwork Drills: All juniors practice front and back foot hop, lateral hop, one and two-step pivoting, ready steps, step down volley, and many more.

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