Deleted Duplicate - Friends of the White Pine Trail

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White Pine Trail- The trail is the longest rail/trail system in the state, connecting Grand Rapids with Cadillac. The trail is surfaced with asphalt pavement from North Park St. north of Grand Rapids to the village of Sand Lake; (22 miles). Howard City (1/2 mile) pavement within its limits. 13 mile section Big Rapids and Reed City. South of Leroy to Cadillac. (15 miles). The remaining 45 miles of the trail is surfaced with packed gravel or cinders with pavement planned for the future.

The purpose of the Friends of the White Pine Trail: 1. Assist the DNR in completing the trail. 2. Educate trail users about proper use. 3. Educate the public about trail history. 4. Promote the trail. 5. Help secure funding for trail projects. 6. Provide trail maintenance. 7. Help municipalities adjacent to the trail make the trail an asset to their communities.

$5 for family or $20 for business membership

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