Which Songs Get Players Hyped?

When the pre-game speech from a coach falls short and when corky visualizing tactics draw blank mental pictures, high school players contend that the fail-proof method to get hyped before a game is to listen to music.

"I listen to Waka Flocka Flame," said Jacob Lawson, a senior forward at Oak Ridge Military Academy (Oak Ridge, N.C.). "You have to get going before a game, and there's just something about the music that gets me going like nothing else."

ESPN RISE caught up with a handful of players from around the country, including iHoops First Team member Tony Wroten Jr., and asked them which songs get them the most hyped:

Tony Wroten Jr., Garfield (Seattle, Wash.), Point Guard

"I'm gonna go with 'Go Fast' by Jae Millz featuring Meek Mill. That song just gets me motivated and pumped, so I'll say that one or anything by Waka Flocka Flame."

Nick Johnson, Findlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.), Shooting Guard

"I'd have to say 'MC Hammer' by Rick Ross. That's it right there. It just gets my blood flowing, and the bass is just so loud. Plus Rick Ross is my favorite rapper. That song just makes me wanna tear the rim off."

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