Dogwood Cotillion at Etz Chaim

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This class offers 5th & 6th graders the opportunity to learn basic manners, respect, and responsibility. It focuses on teaching students the social skills they will need to feel more confident in themselves, both now and in the future.

Etiquette topics include: Introduction Skills, First Impressions, Table Manners,\nTelephone/Cellphone Etiquette, Manners at Home, Dining Out, Invitations, Respect for Others, When to Rise, Internet/Email Etiquette, Conversation Skills, Peer Pressure, and Movie Manners

Several dances will be introduced, including the: Swing, Cha Cha, Box Step, Texas Two Step and Western.

Appropriate Dress: \nStudents will be taught what is socially appropriate dress for various occasions. In class boys are required to wear a coat, tie and dress shoes. Girls are required to wear dresses or skirts with appropriate dress shoes and white gloves which are provided.

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