When should you toss old running shoes?

What do you do with a pair of running shoes when the soles don't look too worn, but the material in the midsole is beginning to crinkle? Toss them out. The crinkling is a sign that the midsole is breaking down and can no longer provide proper cushioning for your foot.

Don't run while hung over
Drinking alcohol the night before a race or tough workout may intensify your post-workout muscle soreness. In a study at Kent State University, one group of people drank until their blood alcohol level was 0.15 g/dl, while another group of runners abstained. The next day, both groups ran nine five-minute repeats. Those who had drunk alcohol the night before had more intense and longer-lasting muscle soreness than those who had abstained.

Eat protein for recovery
Foods containing the amino acid leucine may speed your recovery if you eat them immediately after a particularly demanding workout, according to a study done at the University of Illinois. Recent studies have shown that a protein and carbohydrate combination may be the preferred post-exercise meal. Leucine is found in meats, dairy products, and protein bars. Good protein and carbohydrate combinations include chocolate milk, fruit-flavored yogurt, or a tuna sandwich.

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