Her Story: Dawna Stone, triathlete and Martha Stewart TV hopeful

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Dawna Stone - St. Petersburg, Fla.

Age: 37

Sports: Triathlon, running, cycling, skiing, snowboarding

Profession: President and publisher of Her Sports magazine

How I got started in sports: I started swimming competitively at age 6 and continued through college.

While in college, I also began running and biking. I did my first triathlon at age 20 and not only won my age group but also qualified for the USA Triathlon World Championships. At the time, I didn't even know what that meant. I was just happy to have had the fastest women's swim time.

Favorite spot to be active: The hills in Berkeley (I went to University of California, Berkeley) and the Marin Headlands in San Francisco. Running in Northern California is incredible!

Life/sport philosophy: You're always capable of more than you think. Always push yourself to be better in sports, business and life.

Athletic highlights: Finishing the 1999 Hawaii Ironman was one of my most memorable experiences. I've also qualified for the triathlon world championships twice but have never gone. I hope to qualify again and actually go.

Athletic goals: Compete in the Hawaii Ironman again. Four days before the 1999 race, I got salmonella poisoning and spent time in the Kona hospital throwing up blood, unable to eat or drink. The doctor told me not to do the race. But when the day came, I decided to ignore him (and my husband). I finished the race -- it was one of the worst days of my life, but also one of the best. I want to go back and see what I can do when I'm healthy (don't tell my husband -- I promised him I'd do it only once).

Favorite fuel: GU, Clif Bars, PowerBars. But mint chocolate chip ice cream and Kit Kat candy bars are my weakness.

When I'm not running, swimming, or cycling, I'm: Playing with my dogs, going out on our boat and planning my next ski trip. Somehow I'm getting to Tahoe this year!

Other interesting facts: I'm a candidate on Martha Stewart: The Apprentice

Find out more about Dawna at www.dawnastone.com or www.hersports.com.

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