Choose your running surface and route with care

Asphalt is the surface on which most runners log the most miles. Asphalt isn't the softest surface, but it's a lot softer than concrete. Don't run on the side of steeply cambered roads, because it can lead to injuries. If possible, run on the most level part of the road. Asphalt bike paths are a good option, as they usually have the smoothest surface and no cars.

The salad dressing that fights cholesterol
A low-fat diet that includes salad dressing with made with soybean sterols, an extract of soybeans, can lower cholesterol so effectively that some individuals may no longer need cholesterol-lowering drugs, according to a study done at the Human Nutrition Research Center in Maryland. On average, men's cholesterol dropped 14.1 percent, women's more than 18 percent.

May is Melanoma Awareness Month
Malignant melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer, is easy to cure in its early stages and deadly if it grows deeper into the skin. The Melanoma Research Foundation encourages consistent use of sunscreen, wearing dark clothing, checking the skin regularly for new or unusual moles, and periodic examinations by a dermatologist.

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