Cops Against Cancer 12-Hour Fitness & Endurance Challenge - Sponsored by FITNESS WORLD CLUBS

About This Activity

Maximum of 25 teams with six members each. Each team will rotationally have one member on a piece of power equipment during the 12 hour period. Team Members not on the power equipment will be in the Endurance Phase. Endurance Phase: There will be five (5) breakout sessions and one Group Fitness Event, which will be in two-hour blocks involving a rotating variety of endurance exercises which will include pushups, crunches, planks, dips, pull-ups or body weight rows and Group Fitness Class.

Individuals can register to be assigned to a team for $55.00 or Teams can register for $50.00 per person.If you wish to participate, but don't have a Team, we will assign you to help fill a Team. Fitness Challenge: Each team will rotationally have one member on a piece of power equipment during the 12 hour period. Each Team will have a volunteer assigned to them on the power equipment and in the endurance area. Each Team Member will be responsible to complete at minimum two (2) Hours on all three pieces of power equipment � Treadmill, Elliptical and Bike during the 12 hours of the event. Once the 30-minute mark has been reached the competitor will be allowed to dismount their equipment on half-mile distances (i.e. - 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5 etc�). Points will be awarded for completed distances. 10 points for each whole mile, 5 points for each half mile. i.e. 1.5 miles completed = 15 points, 2.0 miles completed = 20 points. Members will not use a like piece of equipment of a previous member. Example - current member is on a treadmill, their replacement will select a different piece of equipment � not a treadmill. Endurance Challenge: Each participant will be required to sign up for one- 30 minute Group Fitness Class during the event. Group size will be dependent on total number of participants divided equally by 4. Team Members enter the phase and will have two hours to complete as many of the assigned tasks as they wish. Each Team Member will receive 1 point for each completed task. Members will be allowed to take breaks during the 2 hours and a volunteer will be recording their completed repetitions for points. Examples of points = 75 push-ups 75 points, half hour Group Fitness Class will receive 100 points.

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