Tour de Soleil Ski Tour, Switzerland

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The Tour de Soleil is a classic hut-to-hut ski tour that follows an old smugglers trail in a remote but charming corner of the Swiss Alps. Until a tunnel was built in 1965, no road accessed into the Binntal (Binn Valley), a small valley near the remains of the Rhone Glacier. This area still remains hidden from the rest of Switzerland, giving it a wonderfully remote feel. The people of the Binntal agreed 50 years ago to resist development. A 16th century stone bridge leads into the village of Binn and cobblestone lanes lead past timber houses and small farms.The ski lifts and buildings that have overtaken so many other Alpine areas are absent. Binn is the largest town in the valley (pop. 70) and the only one with a hotel, the Ofenhorn. When the village burned to the ground in the 15th century, it was rebuilt with the addition of a village chapel and has remained substantively unchanged ever since. In the Binntal you will find a traditional way of life set in a region of exquisite natural beauty-a rare find for 21st century travelers.

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