Muddy Bottom "Crazy 8k(4.95m)" Mud Run

About This Activity

You will want to be sure that you do not miss this RUN! Our "8K" run is filled with all natural MUD! Here at Camp Edge, we do not dig a hole, fill it with dirt and water the day before the run and call it mud, nosiree! This mud is waiting here all year just for you crazy people wanting to get dirty. We have several water crossings, bogs, food pits, walls, and obstacles for you to try and go over, under, and through!


Our theme this year is "Medieval." So come dressed for the occasion.


We have a "Muddy Back Guarantee." If you run the course in it's entirety, and you honestly did not get muddy, we will refund your money!

Event schedule and times

Registration opens at 7 AM the day of the event. Run kicks off at 9:00 AM

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