How to Get Your Children Outdoors

Many children are spending a great deal of time in front a television, computer or game console due to the increase of technology.

Kids are becoming more stationary, getting less fresh air and Vitamin D. Get your kids outside and active. Find different activities for the whole family to enjoy together anytime of the year.

Here are a four ideas to get your kids to spend more time outside.

Take A Hike

Have the family go on a casual stroll or plan a hike. You can go to your favorite park and follow the paths. Many parks offer pathways that provide scenic routes and are walking and bike friendly. If you live near a lake, walk along the water.

Be aware of the time of day that you decide to take a walk. Mornings or evenings are preferable as the heat is not at its worst. Regardless of what time you go, everyone should have plenty of water to drink. Enjoy your time together outside! Look around, watch the wildlife, make a game out of your hike.

Don't eliminate a nightly stroll as a possibility. Evenings are usually warm and it's a great time to walk outside and look up at the stars, bright moon and even those airplanes. A night-time stroll is a great opportunity to discuss with your kids the different phases of the moon, identify and point out the constellations, listen to and find the nocturnal animals and bugs. The discoveries can be endless day or night!

Go Camping

If it's your first time, or you're an avid camper; camping is a great way to get the family out and to become one with nature. Keep hand-held electronics at home and stay off of the phone.

Central Florida is a pristine area to go camping. Here are a few places to consider:

  • Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground
  • Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake
  • Lake Griffin State Recreation Area
  • Wekiwa Springs State Park
  • Rock Springs Run State Park

If you prefer not to take nature head-on, or it's your family's first time, consider going camping in your own backyard first!

Camping in your backyard is on your terms, time table and if things are too much then the family can just head back inside. This is a great way to test the waters, have a new type of sleepover with your kids and can be a memorable experience!

Make A Garden

Another great way to get the kids outside, and perhaps a way to encourage them to eat more of their fruits and vegetables, is by tending their own garden!

Get your kids involved, even from the onset of designing, planting, and tending to a fruit or vegetable. 

Children love to get their hands in the dirt, plant seeds and watch their plants grow. They learn about different life cycles of plants and have the opportunity to see how plants grow in different manners. While tomatoes grow upwards, watermelons grow outwards, and carrots grown underneath.

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