Active City Spotlight: Boston

Your Guide to Running, Cycling, Hiking and Getting Active in New England


Places to Go

Get there early. Walden Pond is a haven for triathletes and beach-hungry tourists alike. Parking can be tough, especially on the weekends, but it is worth it for multi-sport athletes.

Walden Pond, in nearby Concord, has a number of routes for those looking for an open-water swim. A straight shot from the beach across the pond and back is just under a mile in length. Other routes hitting other edges of the shore are mapped out, too.

"Triathlon central in Boston is in and around Walden Pond," said Brendan Hall of the Boston Triathlon Team. "People go for swims, then you go back to your car and get your bike gear on. From there, there are hundreds of places you can ride."

Other places to go:

The Boston Tri Team in action.

South Boston: Pleasure Bay and the adjacent Dorchester Bay is the site of the Boston Triathlon, and are popular among swimmers looking to get some open-water work in.

Newton: Crystal Lake is known as a good place for open-water swimming during the summer.

Races to Remember

The Patriot Half is in a more rural area of Massachusetts about 40 minutes south of downtown. It is a 70.3-mile race that swims in Long Pond, before riding and running on rural country roads past lakes, farms and cranberry bogs. The race is annually held in June.

Other races include:

  • The Boston Triathlon in August is a popular sprint tri that explores south Boston. It features a ?-mile swim, a 9-mile bike ride and a 4-mile run.
  • The Rev3 Triathlon Series has a race in Middlebury, Connecticut, in early June. It offers a 70.3-distance as well as an Olympic-distance race.
  • The closest Ironman race is Timberman, a 70.3 race in August taking place in Gilford, New Hampshire. Gilford is less than two hours from Boston.

Stores to Check Out

Fast: Splits is a multi-sport retailer in Newton (612 Washington Street). The shop is run by fellow triathletes and even has an indoor Computrainer studio and wintertime classes to get your bike work in.

One Last Tip

The Boston Triathlon Team has a public email LISTSERV that allows triathletes in the area to post planned workouts and find training partners. And many of the triathlon teams in Boston, including BTT, encourage out-of-towners to join in their organized training sessions.

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