6-Step Formula for Triathlon Success

Step 4: Plan for Success

Building a workable plan is more art than science. While they all have common features, to be substantive your plan must take into consideration your unique situation. If it doesn't than it's nothing more than just a bunch of forms, which is why canned programs often don't work. One size does not fit all!

Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Start with the end in mind.
  • Build in key workouts and testing days first. If you need ideas canned programs are a great place to find key workouts.
  • Detail a week or two at a time.
  • Stay flexible: No plan that covers weeks and months will survive your day-to-day life. Things happen that impact your ability to train. Expect it and adjust.

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Step 5: Share the Plan

Triathlon training and racing, even if it's a one-time thing, impacts everything (and everyone) in your life. To maximize your chances of success share your plan and share it early on. Here's why:

? Reality check: There's nothing like sharing your plan with people that know you well to see if they buy what you're selling. If this triathlon thing is just a lark, they'll bust you.

? Avoid conflicts: Find out where your plan has to be modified to work with the schedules of family, friends and co-workers. It's unlikely you'll get into trouble for things you know about ahead of time.

? Buy-in: Getting buy-in from your fans is extremely important if you want to be successful. Remember this is a lifestyle so what you do, what you need to do, and what you plan to do impacts everyone around you on a daily basis. Tip: Plan weekly meetings to review schedules and address any issues. Remember to let the other people talk. It's not all about you?yet.

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Step 6: Build Success Habits

While race day is the big event, your success depends on the little things you do every day that build momentum toward race-day success. Start by listing a few activities you're going to do every week to get you on the right track.

Here are a few examples:

  • Establish a set morning routine to ensure your day starts off productive. I've found this to be the most valuable thing you can do to jump start your training.
  • Eat a large green salad every day.
  • Limit alcohol to 1 to 2 drinks per day or eliminate it completely several days each week.
  • Plan some focused time with your family and let them pick the activity you're going to do. It's a small price to pay for them supporting you in the weeks and months leading up to the race, which will pay huge dividends in the end.

If you follow these six fundamental planning steps and execute on your plan, you'll make major leaps in your performance at your next race. Just like that guy who sells suits on TV, "I guarantee it!"

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