How to Juggle Family and Fitness

Youth Sports

Sign up to be a coach, assistant coach, or an active parent on your child's sports teams. Participate in your children's workouts. Run, stretch and play with your kids at practice. You'll get a nice workout in and be able to see how your kids are doing in practice. You can even make a competition out of it. See who can do the most pushups, sit-ups or squats. Make it fun.

If you can't participate in your child's practice, use that time for yourself. Usually it's about an hour long, so that's a good amount of time to lace-up your shoes and head for a run or go to the gym.

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Family Fitness Activities

Each month, pull a type of sport or family fitness activity out of a hat that everyone can participate in. If you pull yoga out of a hat, look for a family yoga class to sign up for. This way, you are always changing your fitness routine and finding a class that everyone can do together. Plus, the whole family can put their two cents in the hat, and whatever is pulled is what you all will do together.

Maybe the next month you'll pull out karate or gymnastics. You have to be open to what you pull out of the hat. It's fun to see what your kids can excel at and how the whole family can compromise together.

Family Fun Competition

Just like game night, create competition night. Make an obstacle course in your backyard and invite friends over to participate. Declare that whoever wins doesn't have to do the dishes for a week.

You can also have a competition with different exercises. Find out who can hold a plank for the longest, who can do the most pushups or sit-ups in two minutes, jumping jacks in a certain time frame, etc. Again, set a prize for motivation. Maybe the winner can choose dinner for that night, or pick a movie for the whole family to watch together.  

Try these fun activities and keep your family in shape while creating a healthy atmosphere at home.

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