How to Juggle Family and Fitness

Whether you have a race coming up or you go to the gym to stay in shape, juggling fitness and your family can be challenging.

Finding time for you is difficult. Some people say the only time they have to themselves is in the car to and from work. If that's the case, take a step back and readjust your priorities.

Sometimes it's hard to think about yourself, but your health is important to you and your family. Not only does your health matter, but demonstrating a healthy lifestyle has a domino effect on your kids. Teach them that finding time to work out is a priority and they will pick up healthy habits through family fitness.

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Here are a few ideas to help you juggle fitness and family, all while getting in a good workout:


Find someone to look after the kids while you're at the gym. If you have a partner, see who can work out in the morning and who can work out in the evening a few times a week. This way you can head to the gym while someone is watching the children. If you want to work out with your spouse or you're a single parent, find a neighbor, sitter, or relative to watch your kids when you work out. If you go to the gym, see if they have a kids club.

Sign Up for a Race

There are tons of family-friendly races, so gather your clan together and run a 5K. You'll be showing your kids how fun running or walking can be. Plus, many races support a charity, so you'll be teaching your kids the importance of supporting a cause while working out. This is a great way to get your kids moving.

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