Get Fit for Ski Season: 7-Day Workout Plan

Day Two: Cardio, Balance and Plyometrics

Warm up on the stairs for five minutes.

Perform four rounds, alternating:

  • Quarter-mile jog on treadmill at 8 percent incline
  • 50 Versa disk squats

Perform three rounds:

  • 15 one-legged TRX squats (each leg).
  • 20 twisting box jumps (each side): Start facing perpendicular to the platform, twist feet in flight to land.
  • 15 one-legged Bosu squats (each leg): Use the flat side.
  • 25 lying-hamstring Swiss ball curls: Lie on your back with the Achilles tendon at the peak of the ball. Lift your hips up to maintain a bridge position and pull heels towards glutes.
  • 15 split jumps (each leg)

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Day Three: Upper Body and Core

Warm up for five minutes on a rowing machine.

Perform four rounds of each exercise. In between each round perform 15 hanging ab slings (knees to elbows). Or, perform captain's chair (leg lifts).

  • 20 push ups
  • 20 pull ups, or lat pull downs
  • 15 standing shoulder presses
  • 20 TRX body rows
Perform three rounds:
  • 15 seated row pulls
  • 15 dumbbell hammer curls
  • 15 rope triceps pushdowns
  • 15 low-back hypers on a Roman bench
  • 30 seconds side plank (each side)

Finish with a two-minute plank

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Day Four: Active Rest Day—Cardio

  • Choose two modes of cardio to complete three miles. For example, do stairs for one and a half miles and the treadmill for the other one and a half miles.
  • Stretch

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