4 Winter Triathlon Training Secrets From the Pros

Spin It Out

Use the winter to work on your cycling skills.

"Check out a performance-based cycling classes, which can help you increase your speed and power, " Jacobson says. "Plus it's always motivating to train with other people."

Or set up your bike on a trainer in your house and pop in a training video, like Spinervals. (Jacobson recommends cycling for an hour at least three days a week to improve your skills by spring).

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Break it Up

If you just must head outdoors? Try to train in the middle of the day when it's the warmest. Or, do half of your session outside before heading in to finish it up.

"You can split a long run up...do half of it outside, then the rest on a treadmill," says Jacobson. "That way, you'll minimize your exposure to the cold without having to do too much on the treadmill."

While you're out there, stay moving, "and keep your workout short and easy, but fast enough to stay warm," says Garrard. As soon as you're done, immediately change into a dry shirt, throw on a down jacket, and sip something warm.

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