3 Triathlon Cycling Drills for Better Bike Control

Golf Course Mounts and Dismounts

This is meant to mimic the mounts and dismounts you have to perform when going in and out of the transition area before and after the triathlon cycling leg. The short, plush grass of a golf course (or well-groomed park) offers you a gentle landing if you take a spill while practicing.

For mounts, push your bike while running, hop up, throw a leg over your bike, and then keep riding. For dismounts, slip both feet out of the shoes on the up-phase of the pedal stroke, swing one leg back over your saddle, place both feet on one pedal, and then lightly jump off your bike while transitioning into a run.

Single Leg and Grinding Drills

I typically include one cycling "skills and drills" workout per week in my training programs—both for me and the triathletes I coach. It typically involves warming up with several 10- to 20-second, high rpm (120+ rpm) cadence efforts.

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The main set involves the following:

Isolate either the right leg or the left leg for several minutes at a time. Try imagining "pins and needles" on the pedal of the non-focus leg so that you can stay light on your foot.

Next, do slow 50 to 60 rpm "grinds" with a focus on full force application during the entire pedal stroke.

If you want to become a better cyclist, incorporate these drills into your training routine and your triathlon cycling splits will show a difference. At the very least, you'll be more coordinated while riding out of transition.

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