How Music Can Enhance Your Workout

Think about the activity you do. Running is faster paced, where yoga is slower. The body's pace moves vastly different depending on the activity. When you create your next playlist, make sure to pick songs that correlate to the activity's tempo. The song's bpm should match the heart rate you wish to reach during your workout

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Here are common forms of exercise, and recommendations:

Walking: 135 to 140 bpm

Song Suggestion: Beat It by Michael Jackson -139 bpm
Gear Suggestion: Pump up your walks with the LG Tone Bluetooth Stereo Headset. Plus, you'll never miss a call.

Running: 150 to 175 bpm

Song Suggestion: Bang Bang by K'naan and Adam Levine - 180 bpm
Gear Suggestion: Boost your pace and distance with Motorola's MOTOACVT

Swimming: 140 to 160 bpm

Song Suggestion: Higher Ground by Red Hot Chili Peppers - 141 bpm
Gear Suggestion: Make waves with the SwimP3 x18

Cycling on the Road: 135 to 170 bpm

Song Suggestion: Hey Ya by OutKast - 160 bpm
Gear Suggestion: Perfect your speed drills and climb strong with the iPod shuffle. Just clip it on and go.

Indoor Cycling: 135 to 175 bpm

Song Suggestion: Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas - 153 bpm
Gear Suggestion: Pedal to the beat without getting tangled in cords. Try on the LG Tone Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Two helpful tools to find the bpms in songs are Cadence app and

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