Why Runners Need Spinning

What to Expect in a Spin® Class

Now that I've got you convinced, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Chances are the indoor cycling room at your local gym is a dark and somewhat intimidating space. Have courage. You can expect a knowledgeable instructor ready to coach, inspire and motivate you. Plan on arriving about 15 to 20 minutes before class because many studios fill to capacity, and so the instructor may fit your bike to the correct settings. Bring a water bottle, small towel and as many runner friends as you can persuade.

Each Spinning® workout is designed specifically to improve different aspects of your training. Instructors will provide target heart rates and levels of perceived exertion to guide you through the ride. Heart-rate monitors are recommended but not necessary to start.

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Most often your ride will consist of either intervals with high intensity and recovery periods, or a steady resistance-based strength profile. Other possible rides include the less strenuous endurance or recovery ride. With luck you'll get a race day, the most challenging of all, which mimics its name.

Some clubs will post a calendar describing the type of ride to expect. If not, feel free to ask the instructor if he or she has a schedule, or tends to teach certain types of classes on certain days. The beauty of Spinning® is that you always take the class at your own pace, turning the intensity up or down depending on your goal.

Music provides a fun backdrop to an already rocking workout. Every Spinning® instructor is a closet D.J.; we love music. Mixing up our selection keeps us motivated and gets you jamming on the bike. Feel free to sing along, hoot and holler, and share any band or song selections you'd like to hear. Best of all, you'll look at the clock and realize the class is over before you know it.

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Really, what's not to love? If you're ready to take it up a notch, start with a goal of two Spinning® sessions per week. The proof will be in the results.

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