Perfect Practice: Train to Race


Swim to Bike (at open water site if possible): This is a great opportunity to check out your gear

  1. Set up transition area with appropriate equipment and race nutrition.
  2. Warm-up to cold water: Do gradual bobs and 5 minutes of swimming.
  3. Swim 10 minutes at close to race pace and exit water.
  4. Practice running through sand, stripping off wetsuit, and transitioning to bike.
  5. Mount bike and ride at RPE of 6-7/10 (or HR zone 3-4) for 15-20 minutes before settling into a 60-90 minute ride in which you keep your heart rate in zone 3 and some zone 2.

Bike to Run

  1. Bike 45 minutes at an easy to moderate pace. End at a track where you can conveniently leave your bike and where you've safely stashed shoes.
  2. Practice transitioning off the bike into your shoes.
  3. Do one mile just below goal race pace. If you want to run your Boulder Peak 10K in 50 minutes
    (~8min/mile pace), shoot for an 8:20 mile on the track
  4. Jump back on the bike and do a 2 mile loop at race pace.
  5. Return to the track and do an 800 at goal race pace
  6. Continue the 2 mile ride / 800 meter run 3 more times
  7. Cool down on the bike 30 minutes.

Nutrition and Mental Preparation

  • Practice eating during your race simulations what you plan to eat during the race itself.
  • Make a checklist as you prepare for your simulation (Make sure to have a spare tire, extra goggles, tape, towels, tires pumped, etc.)
  • Do the race simulation at the time of day you plan to race: you can practice appropriate nutrition that way too.
  • Practice your mental talk. What are you telling yourself? Our words are like mental nutrition; don't screw it up.

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